Nature by Vicki

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4 Responses to Nature by Vicki

  1. Ian Hodgson says:

    I like your pics Vicki. For ones such as these it would be good to know the localities. Can you put captions on them?

  2. 52weeks2011 says:

    The tags tell you the locations. Sometimes they are a little bit “match the pairs” but it’s usually obvious. Look at the bottom of the post for the tags. The tree was in Canberra this morning.

  3. Valerie Colling says:

    Thanks Vicki for your thought provoking topics and pictures. Before opening your email I always think about how I would depict the subject. It must be a full time job for you. Please continue in the new year. Best wishes. Val

    • 52weeks2011 says:

      It’s lovely to hear that Val. We certainly enjoy the challenge every week – some weeks are much harder than others. It doesn’t take much time once you set up a pattern to upload, usually Sunday night. We have a new blog planned for next year – Stay tuned!

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